Scores for drifting

The initial Nouvelle Dérive will take place at 2:00pm sharp on Friday July 11th 2014 – Meeting place, the Eros Statue at Picadilly Circus. It will end at 7:30 pm with a drink at Cafe Oto, in Hackney……                                                                      Facebook Event here

You can join our small Parisian team on this occasion or create your own route and carry on contributing at any time.


/// Print this page and the cropped circular map of the London Tube HERE (click on map to enlarge).

/// Get two classic dice or a smartphone dice rolling app (Virtual Dice for MacOS, Dice for Android).

/// Go to Departure Point: The Eros Statue in Picadilly Circus.

1 – DIRECTION: Throw the 2 dice for each line/direction (ex: victoria line sounthbound/victoria line northbound etc..) available from the station you are at. The highest scoring line/direction wins. If there is a tie, throw the dice again only between the equal highest ranked lines/directions until one wins.

2 – NUMBER of STOPS: Throw the 2 dice, the total will determine your number of stops on the selected line/direction.

***  If one of the dice is a 6 at the end of your indicated number of stops, get off the train (not out of the station) and repeat from the DIRECTION step.

***  If one of the dice is a 1 you can get off at any stop you want along the selected line/direction.

***  When you reach the edge of the map, throw a single die and act according to the selected number: 1) get out and drift, 2) go back to departure point, 3) go to a tube station in the inner circle of the map (Edgware Road, Baker Street etc…), 4) select a station through collective vote, 5) travel backwards, 6) end the drift and go for a drink.

3 – DRIFT: Once you are out of the underground, throw the 2 dice and multiply the score by 10 this gives you the amount of minutes you can drift before heading to the nearest station and starting again from the DIRECTION step.

***  During the drift you can simply enjoy what you experience, randomly wandering and/or collect/produce data & artefact such as photographs, videos, found items, texts, field recordings, interviews…

4- DOCUMENTS: if you would like to submit any artefact or data found/created by the drift, please upload it on a free hosting site (soundcloud, vimeo, flickr etc…) and send the link to us HERE with a short (3 sentences max) contextualising text (for instance time and geographical coordinates, description of the place, person, encounter etc…).

*** for added spice, here is a set of missions you can subject yourself to using 1 die – The extra guidelines can be found HERE and you are welcome to submit guidelines for other participants to play with.

Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!


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