Open Scores

Here is a series of scores set for the drift by the participants, rolling one die. Feel free to submit more scores for people to interact with.


1) do a 5 mins interview of the first person that you encounter outside and who will agree. 2) Record a mechanical sound. 3) ask strangers to choose a single word and sing it like a mantra (mix all tracks). 4) ask a stranger to tell you about the area you are in. 5) describe your surroundings. 6) walk with an open mike for 5 mins.


1) pick up pieces of paper and scan them. 2) pick up small objects that can fit in the palm of the hand  3) ask a stranger to give you something they are carrying with them. 4) buy something for less than £1. 5) record freely and compose a piece of music/radio art based on your recordings. 6) collect as much printed material as you can and make a collage.


1) Take pictures of all the unusual things you encounter 2) Choose a colour and only take pictures of items of this colour 3) only take pictures of abstract textures. 4) only take pictures of people. 5) Only take pictures of plants 6) Only take pictures of animals.


1) film abstract moving images and edit them into a 5 mins collage. 2) film people without interacting with them. 3) carry out filmed interview of strangers. 4) Do a series of 6 absurd films. 5) choose one type of object/person and only film them). 6) document the drift and the other participants activities in it.


1) Write a chronicle of your drift. 2) Write 6 short poems about elements of your drift. 3) write down all the text you can find on posters, shop windows, signs, leaflets etc. and create a poetic text drawing from this material. 4) write down conversations you overhear. 5) Write a fictional 1 page text based upon an occurrence of your drift. 6) Write the lyrics for a song based on your drift.


1) invent a participative performance involving strangers.  2) apply a score from the fluxus workbook. 3) carry out an impromptu performative interpretation of your situation. 4) collect objects along your drift and when you feel you have enough, perform with them. 5) make a sound performance using your surroundings. 6) do your drift using earplugs and without talking.



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